Get to Know The Grove Medical Marijuana Dispensary: Amanda Remezam

Posted on July 7, 2016 , updated on November 17, 2016 by Grove Team

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Amanda Remezam likes to study the different strains and cannabis offered at The Grove Medical Marijuana Dispensary so she can educate the patients as much as possible.

Amanda Remezam: Budtender

Amanda Remezam is one of the budtenders at The Grove Medical Marijuana Dispensary. She wants to build a relationship with every patient so that she can direct them to their proper medicinal profiles. She loves having a powerful opportunity to heal with the best medicine on the market.

Question: What is the importance of connecting with patients?

Amanda Remezam: I am passionate about connecting with every person that walks through the door and making them not only a lifelong patient, but also a friend.

Q: What is your favorite strain?

AR: Right now my favorite strains are SinMint Cookies, Fire Alien, Kush, Headcheese and Jedi Kush.

Q: What is your favorite pizza?

AR: Naked City Pizza’s margarita pizza is the best!

“The thing I most enjoy about my job is meeting all the beautiful souls every single day.” – Amanda Remezam, The Grove Medical Marijuana Dispensary

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